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Dental Implants at Luton Advanced Dental Care

Injuries, gum disease, and tooth decay are an inevitable part of life. In the past, the only option was to get dentures and bridges.

That meant routine visits to the dentist, teeth filing and grinding, and replacing lost or damaged dentures.

But dental implant surgery offers a natural and long-term alternative to your dental problems.

It involves inserting small metal screws in your jawbone to take the place of the missing tooth root.

The titanium in the implant naturally fuses with the bone in your mouth, creating a solid foundation for the new artificial teeth or crown. 

We customise the missing teeth to match your original teeth and fit your mouth as naturally as possible.

Not only that, but your teeth will also function and look exactly the same as your natural teeth, bonding with your bone structure and promoting growth.

You can get a dental implant if you have one or more damaged, missing, or broken teeth.

Anyone with healthy gums and mouth is eligible for one.

Even though there are some restrictions for people with underlying medical conditions or specific medications, a dental implant is a simple process with an uncomparable success rate.

If you are interested in dental implant surgery, you can ask your dentist for a complete assessment and details.

A dental implant is a multi-step procedure.

It starts with a detailed dental exam and checkup.

Following that, your dentist will recommend the best possible options for your dental implant surgery.

The procedure involves:

  • Removal of the damaged tooth if any
  • Bone grafting if needed
  • Insertion of the titanium screws in the jawbone
  • A couple of weeks are given for the implant to heal and bind with the jawbone
  • The attachment of the connector or the abutment to the metal post of the implant
  • Fixing of the new tooth or crown on the abutment

Why dental implants might be the best option for you

Dental implants have become increasingly popular over the years because it provides a permanent solution to missing teeth.

The results are superior to other procedures as the titanium in the implants fuses with your jawbone.

Dental implants:

  • Are the only restorative dental procedure that bonds with the jaw bone and stimulates bone growth
  • If taken care of properly, dental implants can last for as long as your lifetime
  • Are made to fit your natural teeth, and there is no need to file or trim the surrounding teeth
  • Not only look natural but feel and function like real teeth
  • Are implanted in the jawbone, hence do not affect or restrict mouth and teeth movement
  • Become a natural part of your teeth structure without any discomfort. There is no feeling of having a foreign object in your mouth that comes with removable dentures or bridges
  • Can be done for both single and multiple teeth
  • Are inserted in the jawbone and don’t need support from the nearby teeth. A dental implant surgery does not cause damage or stress to the rest of the teeth as dental bridges do
  • There is no danger of your artificial tooth or teeth falling out or making strange clackety noises as the implants are inside
  • Are made of a superior material that does not decay, and there is no danger of cavities
  • Ensure that there is no danger of your artificial teeth falling out or becoming loose. You can enjoy yourself and eat any food you want
  • Do not need any specialised cleaning equipment or tools. Regular dental care and cleaning is enough to take care of them
  • Preserve the bone under the missing teeth, keep your teeth alignment straight and protect your facial shape from the changes caused by missing teeth

dental implants fees

Implant Consultation£75
Single Implant+Crown SPECIAL OFFER: £300 discount until 31/3/2024£2750
Implant bridge (2 implants with bridge)£5250
All-on-4 (Full arch replacement, on 4 implants) -Acrylic£14950
All-on-4 (Full arch replacement, on 4 implants) -Porcelain£18950
Guided Bone Regeneration£575


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